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  • Pawnfox 1.0 Beta Clientplugin: Download
  • Pawnfox 1.0 Beta Serverplugin Windows: Download
  • Pawnfox 1.0 Beta Serverplugin Linux: Die Linuxversion wird noch compiled und folgt im Laufe des morgigen Tages!



Download the .rar archive and unzip all files and subfolders to your GTA San Andreas directory.
If you happen to have more than one GTA San Andreas directory, unzip the SAMPFox file in the directory samp.exe is located in.

First run

Do not miss this step!
For your first run, navigate into your /GTA San Andreas/SAMPFox/ directory.
Run SAMPFox_GUIMODE.bat and choose the SA:MP version you currently have installed.
If your favourite server does not support the default port (42690), you can enter the port the server you want to connect to uses
using the Forced port input field.
If your server uses the default port or you are unsure, leave this blank.
Changes are saved automatically.

Afterwards, you can close SAMPFox GUI and use the default SA:MP browser to join servers.
SAMPFox will open,connect and close automatically.



Unpack all the files into your samp server directory.
Add SAMPFox (when using a linux server: to your plugins line in your server.cfg file.
Make sure that it is the first entry in that line and add all other plugins after it!

Afterwards, add

#include <sampfox>

right under #include <a_samp> in your gamemode.

You can now use all the natives, as long as your players have the plugin installed!


Take a look at the example gamemode "sampfox.pwn" to get information about
how to use SAMPFox in your gamemode.

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